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Mount Beauty is an ideal location for downhill skiing, cross country touring and Nordic racing and training. 

Only 30 km from Falls Creek and the Bogong High Plains, Mount Beauty is arguably the closest and most convenient to the snow, sub-alpine skiing location in Australia. From Mount Beauty to Mt Hotham is 80 km.

The elevation of the extensive Bogong High Plains and the Hydro Electric storage facilitating extensive snow making gives the area reliable snow cover for all types of skiing.  

Mount Beauty is the supply town for Falls Creek resort. Many Falls Creek winter workers are based in Mount Beauty and commute to Falls Creek daily. Access from Mount Beauty to Falls Creek and the Bogong High Plains is excellent with the final distance above the snow line on the north facing side. This reduces the frequency and severity of chain fitting compared to alternative resorts particularly for day visitors from Mount Beauty.

Access to Mount Beauty from major population centers is swift and convenient. via the Hume Highway. 


From Melbourne, you can be settled into your accommodation in less than 4 hours, making a weekends skiing practical. 


From Sydney, Mount Beauty is only approximately 90 minutes more traveling time than to Jindabyne. 


From Brisbane, Mount Beauty is less travel time than to Jindabyne.


From Adelaide Falls Creek is a similar travel time to Mt Hotham and Mt Buller.

Resort Entry

Australian snow resorts are almost unique in the world in that they all charge a park use fee or resort entry fee. In most other parts of the world parking etc is paid for by the lift company or municipal council.

  1. Resort entry is per car. It pays to car pool between Mount Beauty and Falls Creek.
  2. If you are skiing more than 7 days or 3 weekends at Falls Creek in the whole season then a whole season entry pass is cheaper than a day pass.
  3. It is cheaper to buy a season pass before the beginning of May. The early bird season pass is cheaper than a 7 day pass.
  4. All entry passes are cheaper on-line. Buy before you arrive in Mount Beauty or use the free WiFi at Kiewa View to purchase at fallscreek.com.au/ResortEntry
  5. Drivers over 65 get a 10% discount in addition to the on-line discount. So if any members of your party are over 65 get them to buy the resort entry.


Advance Purchase Lift Ticket

Falls Creek and Mt Hotham lifts offer 15% discount for lift tickets purchased 14 days in advance. Before and during the season they also offer many promotional and special deals, available from as early as October the preceding year. It pays to sign up to their newsletter or check their website regularly once you have made the decision to ski for a season. Deals like ski with a buddy can make a significant saving on the most expensive element of your ski trip, sometimes saving up to 50%.


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