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Traveling to Falls Creek

If you go hell for leather from Mount Beauty to Falls Creek it will take you 30 to 35 minutes. At a steady and consistent pace which is comfortable for your passengers it will take 40 to 45 minutes. The motto is leave ten minutes earlier and enjoy the ride along this very scenic route.

The quickest way to head for Falls Creek from Kiewa View is to head left along Lakeside towards the main town center turning left into Nelse Street at the first intersection. Continue across the next intersection where Nelse turns into Mountain Avenue. Continue up Mountain Ave. with the golf course on your left until you reach the club house at a T intersection with Tawonga Cres. Turn left and follow the last section of Towanga Cres. as it veers right to meet the High Plains Road to Falls Creek.

Follow this link for a Map of Mount Beauty

Turning left you will enter the road to Falls just past the town speed limit. The road is very wide at this point, with a stopping and turning area. At the end of this area there is a road information sign. If you have not ascertained the latest road conditions from the radio check the chain status on this sign. If the sign says "Chain Fitting Required" now is a good time to stop and make sure that your chains, parker, gloves, hat and waterproof sheet to kneel on are all easily accessible. For tips on fitting chains and snow driving tips to Falls go to the CHAINS† SNOW DRIVING page.

About 3 km further on, at the round about to West Kiewa you will usually find a sign listing winter entrance and parking charges for Falls Creek. There are single day charges plus various combinations of multiple day. If you have not already purchased your entrance pass at a Mount Beauty Ski Shop you can decide on your choice from this sign. The charges are also listed again about 7 km before Falls Creek, which is about 2 km before you arrive at the entrance control point. As charges are on a per car basis the more people in a car the more cost effective it is. If one member of your party wishes to come back to Mount Beauty earlier than the others, it can be more cost effective for them to catch the bus back than to take an extra car.  Resort Entry Fees - Falls Creek Resort

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On busy days you will get the most enjoyment from your dayís skiing by leaving Mount Beauty around 7:30 a.m. in the morning ó i.e., skiing Falls Creek or 7.00 a.m. if skiing Mt. Hotham. You can then obtain a parking spot close to the ski lifts,  fit your boots, visit the rest room and commence skiing when the ski lifts open at 8:30. Remember lift queues are shorter early, late and in the middle of the day, start early but donít forget to take a rest and eat a good lunch.

On most days you will find that cross country skiers leave for Falls Creek half an hour to three quarters of an hour later than downhill skiers. With no lift queues or expensive lift tickets they can afford to have a more relaxed start..

When you pass the entrance to Bogong Village on your left you know that you are half way. When you arrive at the Turnback hairpin bend with the road to McKay power station to the right you have only 2 km to the resort entrance ticket booths.  Prepare to pay or drive past with your pass visible. The signs will normally indicate that cars who have already purchased a pass use the far left express lane.

It you find that a number of cars are building up behind you on the way up the mountain or a car is anxious to pass, please take the first safe opportunity to pull to the left and allow them to swiftly pass. This will be safer and more relaxing for both you and them. To pull into one of these gravel bays to the left and let cars pass will only take a few seconds. Even to do this four or five times on your way up the mountain will only add a couple of minutes to your journey. You will find that most of the buses will afford you the same courtesy. 

With a little experience you will become familiar with the passing opportunities if a slower car is not giving following cars an opportunity to pass. Some sites where you can get a better view of the road ahead are; The west Kiewa turnoff 3 km from Mount Beauty, before and after Clover Dam and power station, near the bridge after Bogong Village, a little further on near the old explosives dump. There is a passing lane once you get to the chain fitting bays and the road widens after the Howman's Gap entrance station.

CAR PARKING ó On arrival at the Village entrance advise the parking attendant whether you intend Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing or Tobogganing so they can direct you to the vacant parking area nearest to your activity. In the rare circumstances where the day car parks are full, a free 4 wheel drive shuttle service operates from the overflow areas. 

There are three  day car parks. 

  1. The Gully car park, adjacent to the Gully chair. This car park  is ideal for advanced skiers who will be mainly skiing the village bowls. The lift from this car park  will take you to most areas of the village if you need to go to the shops or rendezvous with someone at a lodge. On days with high wind or poor visibility this car park can be a good choice. This is the car park with a full service ski shop closest to the car park. This car park has takeaway food stall in the day shelter, and the best day shelter facilities for changing clothes.

 Picture of Gully Car Park at Falls Creek Village alpine skiing resort Gully car park right at the slopes

  1.  Halleys car park adjacent to Falls Creek Express lift. The chair lift from this car park will take you direct to the Sun Valley ski areas. This car park is very popular with intermediate skiers and skiers using Wombats Ramble. This car park has the largest day shelter.

  2. Windy Corner car park is the most exposed and provides access to the Nordic Bowl, Nordic ski areas, the Bogong High Plains in the Alpine National Park, and the Tobogganing slopes.. You can also ski from Windy Corner down to Falls Creek Express  lift. via Wombats Ramble ski run. Windy Corner car park normally fills up last. If you want to park as close as possible to the day shelter, this car park can some times be a good choice.

Map of Falls Creek Village alpine resort showing location of car parks.  

Falls Creek Village Map with car parks

 In most conditions it is possible to start skiing from all three day car parks and ski back to the car park. Less experienced skiers are recommended to return to the Gully car park by chair lift. 

When parking your car do not apply the hand brake, leave manual transmissions in first or reverse gear, automatics in park. 


Before you leave Mount Beauty for the ski fields it is advisable to check snow and weather conditions at the top, especially if you have not yet purchased a concession lift or parking ticket. Local radio stations broadcast regular snow and weather reports. 

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