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What are the advantages of Sub-alpine accommodation?

Weekend Convenience

For a weekends skiing, the after work trip on Friday night, the chains, overnight car park, unloading and loading the car and the over snow can all be a hassle. Sure the skiing makes it worthwhile but you could do without this.

Kiewa View has a better solution. Stop at Mount Beauty drive under the car port and be unpacked and in bed before the people staying on the mountain have got to Falls Creek. No drive up the mountain in the dark, no chains if it is snowing. You do not have to unload at the over snow terminal, then park the car, get back to the terminal, catch the over snow to the lodge and then get out of the over snow during a storm to get your gear into the accommodation.

Sure you will have to get up half an hour earlier on Saturday to drive to Falls Creek. But you got to bed one and a half to two hours earlier in Friday night and far more relaxed.

When you want to leave on Sunday or Monday it is the same story. At Kiewa View it is pack it up and throw it in the boot, under cover, rain, hail or shine. You do not loose valuable skiing time organizing and waiting for over snow transport, and getting luggage from the terminal to the car.

If you can't drive up until Friday night, or if you are a family with children, Mount Beauty can be a far more convenient spot to stay for a week-ends skiing. 

Drive-in / Drive-out

Kiewa View offers the best in off-mountain accommodation. If you can afford on-mountain ski-in / ski-out accommodation it is very convenient. Kiewa View offers the next best alternative with drive-in / drive-out sub-alpine accommodation. The double garage and entrance car port means no iced windscreens, and easy pack and unpack as you arrive and depart. No snow in the car or rain all over your clothes.

Family Ski Holidays

Our large accommodation means that two families can comfortably share the one house. If you have some children not skiing some days, you can relegate one adult to not ski and stay in Mount Beauty each day. It is much easier to keep children occupied from Mount Beauty than above the snow line.

A family with an infant below skiing age can bring grandparents on their skiing holiday to help look after the children without a high accommodation cost.

In the July and September school holidays you can come for a two week holiday and plan to ski only 8, 9 or 10 days. Plan other activities for the remaining days. It will cost less than a week on the mountain. Alternatively the prices are so attractive during the school holidays, come for a week, plan other activities and treat any skiing as a bonus.

Remember to bring the student cards to take advantage of the unique student rates for lifts and lessons at Falls Creek.

Serious Skiers

If the focus of you and your friends is to enjoy skiing and improve your skills, then sub-alpine accommodation is your answer. The lower accommodation cost will give you more days on the slopes and enable you to pick your days. Days on the slopes and lessons are the way to become an expert skier.

The layout of Kiewa View with three double beds and a total of seven beds provides good flexibility for your group. We can accommodate three or four couples, or a mixture of couples and singles.

Cross Country

Sub-alpine accommodation meets the needs of cross country skiers looking for a lower cost skiing alternative. Our snow season tariffs working out as low as $8.13 per person per night can be more economical than on-site vans.


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