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Drying Facilities

Kiewa View provides superb drying facilities for guests doing snow sports, cycling, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. There are two faster tumble dryers and one more delicate cabinet dryer. All three dryers are environmentally friendly heat pump dryers. Heat pump dryers have a lower maximum temperature than conventional resistive element dryers. This makes them more gentle on your gear but drying can take longer particularly with very wet gear. This is the reason we have provided a total of three dryers so you can spread and sort your wet gear across multiple dryers.

Important things to note


Best to start the drying as soon as you return to the house.


Sort your gear into the dryer categories so items with a similar drying time are dried together.


Good airflow in the dryer is even more important in heat pump dryers with the lower temperatures.


Stick to the maximum load kg for the program category being dried.


Empty the door fluff filter before each load for the tumble dryers. It only takes a minute and will maximise the airflow.


Empty the filter below the shoe rack in the cabinet dryer.


Caution not to overheat the thin synthetics in some snow pants & jackets, and delicates made of silk and satin.

Guests use the drying facilities at their own risk. Kiewa View will not accept responsibility for failure to exercise good judgement in drying your gear.

Cabinet Dryer


Two settings Normal Dry and Extra Dry. Programmes automatically close when items are dry. So important to put similar speed drying items in same load.


If the door is opened while the drying process is in progress, the drying process will continue for another 5 minutes. The display shows “close door” and counts down the 5 minute programme pause period. If the door is closed within this 5 minute period, the drying process will continue. If the door is left open, the drying process will stop after 5 minutes and must be restarted manually. If you wish to stop the drying process immediately, without a 5 minute period, press START/STOP.

Tumble Dryers

Control Panel

Automatic Programmes

Timed Programmes



Dryness Level



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