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Walks between Mount Beauty and Falls Creek

  1. LAKE GUY ROUND WALK (1 hr walking) Start at Bogong Village or Rocky Valley Picnic ground and return.

Track Notes: Distance 3 km round trip.


  1. GAUGE STATION (1 hr walking)  Start at Rocky Valley Picnic ground and return.

Track Notes: Distance 3km return 


  1. CLOVER POWER STATION TO BOGONG VILLAGE. Return by road or locate car at Bogong Village for pickup.
  2. CASCADE WALK, From Rocky Valley picnic ground a good fire track leads back up to the High Plains Road. A few metres along this road the Spion Kopie fire track leads off to the left and gradually drops back down to Rocky Valley Creek. The cascades are formed by the water forcing it's way through large bolders, making this an ideal place to enjoy a rest or a picnic.

Track Notes: Distance 6 km return

Medium fitness required

Nature Study 

on the way to

 Bogong CreekTramway

  1. BOGONG CREEK TRAMWAY.nature_walk.jpg (36825 bytes) 
  2. Start walk from Big River Fire Trail on the East side of the High Plains Road about 1 km past the Mountain View Picnic area. On reaching the tramway you can return the way you came or complete a number of circuits. The tramway continues about 3 km to the left where an old SEC hut is situated. A walking track then continues to some ruins for a further 1 km at the intersection of East Kiewa Fire Trail. This leads back to the High Plains Road via Roper Fire Trail. A few hundred metres past the East Kiewa FT intersection is the Big River Fire Trail this is an alternative return Route. To the right, the tramway continues for about 5 km to the inlet of the Clover Power Station. From this point you can join the Little Arthur Fire Trail back to the High Plains Road opposite the Arboretum which is an excellent place to visit.

Track Notes:

Distance to tramway 2 km

Round trip via East Kiewa Fire Trail 14 km

Round Trip via Clover inlet 8 km

Walks vary from easy/medium to medium + Vary your return according to your fitness

  1. BIG HILL. Take the West Kiewa turnoff at  Cranky Charley roundabout on the High Plains Road 3 km from Mount Beauty. Drive a further 8 km to park at Big Hill Lookout to commence walk to Big Hill tower. Roper track leaves the lookout on the opposite side to road entry. About 400 metres along the track the Big Hill track starts on the right. You can identify Big Hill by the large communication tower. You can continue past Big Hill to Spring Saddle, and if you have a pick-up arranged continue down to Bogong Village.

Track Notes: 

Distance to Big Hill Tower 3km

Distance to Spring Saddle 6 km

Medium fitness


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