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Walks on the Bogong High Plains

  1. MT COPE (3 hours walking) Leave car 1.5km past Cope Hut on the High Plains Road where sign points to Mt Cope, Walk up the spur to the summit. There is no track but the route is easy to follow. To return follow the north spur down to the base intersecting with an old fire trail. Turn right and arrive at the High Plains road a few hundred metres from the starting point.

Track Notes:

Distance 5 km


  1.  EDMONDSONS HUT-MT NELSE Commence on the High Plains Road .5 km past the east end of the dam wall. Follow the easy gradient up Heathy Spur This is a pleasant day walk in itself. On reaching the Mt Nelse fire trail turn left and continue about 1 km to the turnoff to the left down to Edmondsons Hut which is about 1 km off the main track. On returning to the main Mt Nelse track those who wish can continue for about 1 km and then leave the track to assend the summit of Mt Nelse. For the return journey stay on the Mt Nelse fire trail to return to the High Plains road and then turn right along the road to your car. A further 2 km side trip is availiable to Johnstons Hut. 

Track Notes

Distance to Edmondsons Hut return 13 km

Extra Distance to Mt Nelse summit 3kmruined_castle.jpg (11215 bytes)

The young

 and not so young

 climbing on Ruined Castle.

Easy/medium walk

  1. BASALT HILL (1 hr walking) Start on High Plains Road about 0.5 km past Langfords Gap.
  2. WALACES'S HUT and COPE HUT. About 3 km past Langform Gap turn off the High Plains Road to the left into a fire track and park at the gate. Walk into this famous hut crossing the alpine walking track shortly before reaching the hut. About half a kilometre further on reach the west aqueduct track turn right and continue for about 2 km until you reach the track to Cope hut on the right. Take this track to cope hut near the High Plains road. Return to neat Walaces hut by the Alpine Walking track which passes near Cope hut.

Track Notes

Distance 7 km

Easy walk

  1. TAWONGA HUTS. Just past Falls Creek before the dam wall turnoff onto the Mt McKay road and head for the Pretty Valley Pondage causeway picnic area. Walk across the causeway and follow the Fainter fire trail. At the intersection with the snow pole line turn right down to the huts.

Track Notes:

Distance 9 km return

Easy / medium walk


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