Kiewa View - Guest Information / Instructions


  1. If needed switch on second refrigerator on rear porch.

  2. Switch on heating or cooling as required To make the house comfortable while you unpack.  See Separate instructions.

  3. Place skis, golf clubs, fishing rods and other sporting equipment in equipment room on off‑side of house, convenient rear door access.  Please do not bring bicycles through the house.

  4. Please put out bin on Tuesday night. Recyclables are fortnightly observe which bins other properties put out each week.

  5. If security system has been left on contact manager immediately.


  1. Switch off rear porch refrigerator, heating, dryer, air‑conditioner, roof space exhaust and other appliances. Leave kitchen refrigerator, hot water, microwave and electricity on.  Open rear refrigerator.

  2. Place all rubbish in garbage bin.

  3. Be considerate to next arrival, vacate on time and leave house neat and tidy (dishes washed and stored, blankets folded rooms tidy).

  4. Lock all windows, front and rear door, and door to the sundeck securely.

  5. If you have set the split system timer please check that it has been cancelled.


No animals are allowed inside the house or in the grounds.

You will need sheets for the queen, double and single beds you intend to occupy and pillow slips for the number of pillows you may use. We recommend two bath mats (one for each shower, each shower is also a hip/baby bath), three hand towels (outside main toilet, in bathroom and kitchen) and two tea towels. There is an automatic hand dryer next to washing bowl outside main toilet. If you need a new mattress protector, spares are in the bed head in the family bedroom.
TOWEL DRYING There is a heated towel rail opposite the main shower and bathroom door. There are towel hooks above. Press the timer button below for approximately two hours of heating.

Drying facilities are located in the laundry.  Instructions are located on inside door of dryers.  Always rotate timer to 4 hours, then adjust to desired time. Dial is stiff.  Soaked clothing should be wrung out before placing in dryers.

A rotary clothes hoist is available in the rear garden, and a retractable clothes line is located in the laundry area. To use the retractable line extend the line to the other side of the room to the hook near the laundry trough, and then if required to the second hook to the opposite side of the door frame to the reel. Then the line must be looped around the peg located on the bottom of the reel. See diagram. Make sure you rewind the line when you finish. 

GUESTS USE DRYING FACILITIES AT THEIR OWN RISK.  No liability is accepted for damage or injury to property or persons due to any reason whatsoever.


The primary house heating is four inverter split system heat pumps. The bedroom units have the capacity to maintain the rooms at a comfortable sleeping temperature particularly for the guests in the upper bunks of 16 to 18 degrees. The lounge unit will keep the room warm during all but the rare most exceptionally cold evening. There is a supplementary lounge space heater time clock controlled from 2 PM to 8 AM. There are silent electric panel heaters in the bedrooms should the split system not operate. Use these in preference to the noisy brown electric space heaters. A time clock system will activate the bedroom convection heating as follows: ‑ 2 PM TO 8 AM

In the event of a power stoppage operating times will be incorrect.  Please request property manager to adjust time clocks.

Operate heating as follows:
Make sure that the roof exhaust system is switched off if you need heating. Switch below heating master switch               GET SPLIT LOUNGE SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS
Living area
(When you make adjustments on the wall remote the indoor unit should always beep, it is important to point the remote directly at the unit and wait for the beep before subsequent press)       

1.      Switch split system on. Oange button on remote mounted on wall under the unit. It will take five minutes of compressor activity outside, before air will blow inside.

2. Always make sure indoor unit switches on before pressing mode, temperature or timer buttons, otherwise remote will get out of sync with the actual unit.

3. Check the operating mode on the very top line of the remote display. Make sure it says HEAT or COOL as required. Press the mode button to cycle to the correct operation as necessary.

3.      Adjust temperature up or down as desired. Suggest you start at 21 C and adjust higher as necessary. When you first arrive at the house if you you switch on the unit as soon as you arrive by the time you have completed the energetic activities of unpacking, stocking the fridge and making the beds the house will be comfortably warm. If you need the house to warm up faster it is better to set the unit to powerful than to set a higher than normal comfortable temperature.

4.       In most instances it is best to have the fan on Auto and flaps straight ahead horizontal.

5.      See below for comments about overnight and return from skiing.

6.      To switch off press the Orange On/Off button. However this does not switch off the timer function. To cancel the automatic timer ON function you need to press timer On  button and then cancel button. Check that the timer light goes off on the indoor unit.

7.      The lounge split system is powered 24/7 there is no time clock control.


1)      Switch master control in hall opposite the front door to `ON'.

2)      In the time clock times between 2 pm and 8 am switch on the individual unit via the remote in the room.

3)      To operate outside the time clock hours press the override switch below the master switch for 1 second first then switch on the individual unit via the remote control. The heating system will now be activated for a 4-hour period and then return to automatic time clock operation.

4)      Remember to switch off the bedroom air-con when not needed otherwise it will automatically come on at 2pm each day.

5)      As all the bedroom heaters are on the one master time clock, the use of the timer function on the bedroom air-con remote is counterproductive and will cause problems. If you leave the bedroom air-con on when you leave to go skiing at 7:30 in the morning to make the first lifts at 8:30 it will automatically restart at 2 pm and warm up the bedrooms if necessary while the solar panels are still generating electricity.

6)      If you return earlier and need the bedroom heating before 2 pm, activating the override switch as soon as you arrive means by the time you have unpacked the car and put you wet outer gear in the dryer the bedrooms will be warming up.

Bedroom Air-con Trouble shooting

  1.  Is it within the time clock hours, if not press the override switch?

  2. Unit is in cooling mode. Switch to heating.

  3. Has the unit been left on timer function? Orange timer light will show on indoor unit and the On or Off times will show as small display below the temperature on the remote. If so press cancel button on remote.

  4.   Has the power switch been switched off next to the outdoor unit? Incredibly guests have switched this power off more than once.

  5. If the remote display is dim or blank or the unit responds to commands in an unexpected way the problem may be flat or weak batteries.

If for any reason the heating system fails to operate satisfactorily, please call the property manager.  For your own safety and comfort DO NOT tamper with thermostats, time clocks or other electric control devices.

Lounge overnight suggested alternatives. Which you choose may depend on how low the overnight temp is and your routine

  1. You can switch the unit off on retiring, and first person to rise in the morning switch back on. It is a powerful and efficient unit. It may heat fast enough if you are dressed warm getting ready for skiing.

Timer ON – This alternative works best for our family.

    2. Use the automatic time on function on the lounge remote to heat up the living kitchen area before rising.
        i)   Press Timer On button.
ii)  Rotate up or down through minutes and hours to get to the desired start time. There is no separate minutes and hours button.
        iii) Then press SET. IMPORTANT. Check that the timer light comes on at the indoor unit.

    3. The unit does not actually start at the set time. It normally starts about half an hour before the set time to try and get close to your set temperature by the programmed time.
        We find that to set the timer about an half an hour before we plan to rise works well. That gives about an hour for the system to warm up the house sufficiently to have breakfast when going skiing.
    4. Remember to switch off the unit before leaving the house. When going skiing we find it convenient to program the unit to switch off as well as on. We program it to switch off just before we expect to leave the house.
        One less thing to do when rushing to get out in time to get to Falls creek for the 8:30 lift start. Especially when the children are fully dressed in their ski gear before going in the car. Too hot with the heater blasting.
    5. Until canceled the timer function will operate every day. Simply switching off the unit does not cancel the timer on for the next day.
        When you no longer need the automatic timer on function switch off my pressing timer on and  then cancel.
    6. On checkout please make sure that the timer is cancelled and the timer light on the indoor unit in off. If there are no guests checking in the same day the cleaners may not schedule the clean for a couple of days and the unit would switch on and run continuously for a couple of days in a empty house.

Returning to Houseparticularly after skiing. Your needs may depend on how cold the weather is.

You may find that if you switch the unit on as soon as you arrive back at the house, that by the time you unpack your car and get your boots on the racks and parkas and gloves etc in the dryers the house will be sufficiently warm. Alternatively you can set the Timer On function before you leave the house. Instructions as directly above. Half an hour before you expect to arrive is plenty, but we do not find it any advantage to use Timer on in the afternoon.

Very Cold Mornings

The split system has the capacity to heat the house to about 15 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. This is adequate for the majority of the time. However there will be the occasional clear morning particularly in July when the overnight temperature is around zero and first thing in the morning the unit will initially only be able to heat the house up to about 15 degrees. This may not be a problem as these cold mornings will usually become beautiful sunny days. Most guests are going to get dressed in their warm ski gear, have a quick breakfast and be up at Falls Creek skiing before 9 am. If you need higher temperatures on one of these very cold mornings, turn off the split system, turn on the convection heater for half an hour and then turn off the convection heater and turn on the split system again. Do not turn on both heaters at the same time as their thermostats will fight one another. Do not increase the temperature setting on the remote when the room is cold due to low temperatures outside, it is pointless as it will only upset your comfort settings for the evening. Use the powerful button instead.

Set Temperatures

The bedroom convection heaters are programmed to maintain a comfortable temperature for sleeping with adequate blankets. The aim is to avoid overheating and dehydration which can especially be a problem for guests engaged in active altitude activities such as skiing and a particular problem for guests in the top bunks closer to the hottest ceiling air. On the other hand the temperature is set to avoid a cold room so guests can get dressed of a morning or get up during the night without being cold. The bedroom temperatures are set to the recommended 17-18 degrees Celsius.

The split system is an inverter unit which tries to maintain an even temperature with a low stream of heat rather than switch on and off. However if you are using heating when the outside temperature is mild the unit may go above your set temperature before switching off.

The north facing picture windows in the lounge and kitchen/dinning area are double glazed. Even if there is only occasional sunshine during the day in winter it is recommended to keep the curtains (Pull cord on right) and shutters open on these windows even if you are away from the house. This will allow the warm sunshine into the house. It is recommended to draw the blinds on other windows when away from the house in winter to keep the warmth in.


During summer daytime it is suggested that bedroom blinds be drawn and bedroom doors be kept closed to maintain a cool temperature in the living areas of the house.

See heating instructions above as to how to operate the lounge split system controls. We suggest that you initially set the temperature at 22C. If you set the temperature too low and then increase it, the unit may automatically switch to heating mode which can be unpleasant. On hot days you will find it more comfortable with the ceiling fans operating with or without the air-conditioner. If it gets too cool switch off the air-conditioner or increase the set temperature but leave the fans operating. We find no benefit in using the timer function for cooling. The split system is a very powerful model it will quickly cool the house when you return in the afternoon.

The north facing windows are shaded from the sun, however to help keep the house at a comfortable temperature, it is recommended that the north facing curtains (center hand drawn) and shutters be at least partially closed on hot days, and that all curtains and shutters be fully closed when away from the house on hot days.

Night Cooling

This is an alpine area and it is normal in summer for the temperature to drop rapidly once the sun drops below the mountains. We find fresh mountain air more pleasant than air-conditioning. We suggest the following approach to get maximum comfort with the assistance of the ceiling fans. The large sliding windows in the bedrooms and the lounge have an adjustable screw hinged security rod to restrict full opening of the window when the house is vacant. This rod can be swung up to allow further opening of the window and will return to the security position when the window is closed. In the dinning / kitchen area there is an inside / outdoor thermometer. After very hot days we suggest the following procedure of an evening;

  1. When the outside temperature drops below 22 degrees (when the air-conditioning has been operating) or below the inside the temperature with no air-conditioning, then open the windows in the bedrooms in use about half way with blinds up and the bedroom doors open.
  2. When the outside temperature is below the inside temperature, open the lounge window about half way and open the sliding door to the sun deck with the fly wire door closed and switch off the air conditioner and leave the ceiling fan on.
  3. When retiring for the evening, close the sliding door and slide the windows until the security rod falls into place for piece of mind, and operate the ceiling fans in the bedrooms as required.

Bedroom Cooling

Most summer nights the best sleeping environment is to let the cool mountain air in and run the ceiling fans. However there will be a handful of nights during summer when the split system air-con units are needed.
If the room is warm but the outside temperature is cool. Turning on the air-conditioning cooling for an hour or so before opening the windows can work well.

  1. Make sure the Master Control is on, opposite the front door to the left of the music system. In the time clock times between 2 pm and 8 pm switch on the individual unit via the remote in the room.
  2. To operate outside the time clock hours press the override switch below the master switch first then switch on the individual unit via the remote control.
  3. Remember to switch off the bedroom air-con when not needed otherwise it will automatically come on at 2 pm each day.
  4. As all three bedroom split systems are on the one master time clock, the use of the timer function on the bedroom air-con remote is counterproductive and will cause problems.

Bedroom Air-con Trouble shooting

  1. Is it within the time clock hours, if not press the override switch?
  2. Unit is in heating mode. Switch to cooling.

  3. Has the unit been left on timer function? Orange timer light will show on indoor unit and the On or Off times will show as small display below the temperature on the remote. If so press cancel button on remote.

  4. Has the power switch been switched off next to the outdoor unit? Incredibly guests have switched this power off more than once.

  5. If the remote display is dim or blank or the unit responds to commands in an unexpected way the problem may be flat or weak batteries.

If for any reason the cooling system fails to operate satisfactorily, please call the property manager.  For your own safety and comfort DO NOT tamper with time clocks or other electric control devices.

Roof Space Exhaust
A system has been installed to expel hot air from the roof space when the weather is particularly hot. This system will slow down how fast the house heats up on very hot days particularly the bedrooms. If you expect very hot days, mid 20's and above we suggest you switch on the exhaust. Switch on wall opposite the front door. The unit is located above the third bedroom and can make a sound similar to a ducted system. Normally of an evening when the temperature falls it will stop and restart the next day when the temperature rises. If it is disturbing of an evening switch off. When you leave or when the very hot weather has ceased please switch the system off.


If the indoor unit does not beep when you change selections on the wall remote, likely cause is week batteries in the remote. It the unit does not start also check that the power is not switched off outside next to the outdoor unit or the circuit breaker in fuse box opposite the front door is not off. If unit is heating higher, or cooling lower than your set temp, adjust the set temp. If the unit is switching between heating and cooling on mild days, change mode from Auto to heat or cool.

The old electric convection space heater has been retained as temporary emergency backup so guests are not without adequate heating. Don't operate both units together as you may have one heating and the other cooling. The split system is much faster and more powerful than the bedroom panel heaters.

The house is equipped with 630 litre twin solar/electric off‑peak hot water services, which will supply the normal daily requirements of up to 12 persons.

An equipment room is provided at the off side for storage of skis and stocks, golf bags, fishing rods and other sporting equipment.
As an extra convenience to sports persons returning after dark, the rear outside and equipment room lights will come on at dusk if switched on before you leave for the day.  RED indicator for outside light, ORANGE indicator for equipment room.
Guests may clean and repair equipment in the garage or equipment room.  Please do not wax or adjust skis or boots inside the house.

B.B.Q. FLOODLIGHTING is automatic motion detected and a further light is operated by a 30-minute push button switch towards the end of the house outside the rear door.  For minimum interference to guests the AUTOMATIC garden SPRINKLERS will operate during summer every third evening from about 8.30 pm to 10.00 pm.  B.B.Q. area will operate last.  In the event of power stoppage, times and days may be incorrect.  Contact property manager.


To operate:

1.       Place washing in bowl.

2.       Remove fabric softener dispenser cap from centre of agitator and insert 1/2 to 11/2 scoops of washing powder in the centre of agitator. Do not place the powder on the clothes.

3.       Turn on power at PowerPoint and washer.

4.        Select wash cycle, temperature, water level and spin speed.


5.      Press OPTIONS button if you want choose ECO, SOAK or Quick WASH

6.    Press START / PAUSE

7.    When cycle is finished please press power button OFF, turn off power point and turn off taps.

Two cots are provided. Choose the one which best suits your child. There is an older style raised wooden folding cot with a medium thickness mattress. This is straight forward to assemble. Make sure that it is securely locked so that your child cannot open any folding components. There is a modern floor level collapsible fabric cot. This cot is designed to use a thin mattress, and is suitable for infants under 13.6kg and 86.4cm.. When assembling this cot try and pull up and lock the four sides sharply before pushing down the centre. If one or more of the side top rails do not lock, try pulling the centre up, and then pull the side up again, and insert the mattress. To fold the cot remove the mattress and raise the centre of the base.  Make sure the centre is in a high position and release the four sides one at a time by locating and pressing the leaver under the fabric beneath the centre of the top rails. Lift the lever up do not push the rail down. The rail will drop naturally once the leaver is correctly released. If the rails do not release lift the centre base higher. Make sure both ends of each side rail are released, often only one end will release and you need to squeeze again.

There are 8 or 10 conveniently located vacant power points in each bedroom and another dozen vacant power points in the lounge kitchen area. A total of 48 vacant points excluding bathroom and laundry area. You should be able to charge your laptop, mobile phone, MP3, head cam, GPS etc without the need to keep swapping and unplugging clock radios, bedside lights, kettles, microwaves  and other appliances to stay charged.

Cleaning and other supplies are under the kitchen sink, overhead cupboard to right of microwave, in bathroom and under laundry trough.  Cleaning equipment is in tall kitchen cupboard and equipment room.  Blankets stored in wardrobes and large bed heads. If the vacuum stops working it is mostly because it has overheated due to the dust canister or filter box beneath it being full or clogged. If you clean these and let the unit cool then it is almost certain to start vacuuming like a storm again. It is best to check these before you start 

Please report any maintenance problems to the manager as soon as possible to enable repairs to be effected at the earliest opportunity.

Double glazing has been installed in the north facing windows of the lounge and the kitchen/dinning area for your comfort and convenience. In winter you can leave the curtains open to get the benefit of any sunshine without loosing heat. In summer heat transference through the windows is reduced, but you should close the blinds when absent from the house to reduce the radiant heat build up.  Pull cord on the right hand side.

The house is equipped with the following AV equipment



Digital smart TV with FreeView functionality, inbuilt USB media player and some free streaming apps installed
You can play from your own USB devices.


DVD player. You can play DVD's CD’s and view files on USB cards



KOGAN Digital Recorder PVR with inbuilt HDD. You can pause and rewind of live TV programs and can record TV to the inbuilt HDD.

Internet (smart) TV box. You can view movies and TV series on SBS-On Demand, iView, Tubi, YouTube and other free seaming services. It has USB input and can play a wide variety of file formats.



Play files from your own USB device

Use the INPUT buttonTV Input on the TV remote below to change Input Source between sources. If you are having trouble accessing a HDMI source check that a previous guest has not unplugged one or more HDMI cables and either not reinserted it or inserted it into the incorrect port.


Channel Number







Prime (Seven Network)


WIN (Ten Network)






ABC Kids




ABC News 24


ABC Melb






SBS World Movies


Food Network




SBS Arabic


Prime7 HD Albury


Prime 7 Albury


7Two Albury


7mate HD


IShop TV


7 Flix




WIN HD Albury


Bold Albury


Peach Albury


Sky News





Occasionally the local translator will go off air for a couple of hours.  Check with property managers or neighbours that the local translator is operating before taking further action.


The TV is a Freeview model, but only SBS and IView provide Freeview services in Mount Beauty, the commercial channels do not provide a Freeview service in Mount Beauty. Sometimes the TV needs to be switched OFF and ON again to wake up the Freeview function so it connects to the internet and then responds to the Freeview button.

TV Guide

If you press the Guide/EPG button on the TV remote when watching ABC or SBS the Freeview guide will display which only includes the Freeview ABC & SBS channels. If you press the Guide/EPG button while watching a commercial non Freeview channel the ordinary guide will display which includes all channels.

Catch-up TV
SBS Catch-up

  1. Select Channel 3 on TV

  2. Press Green Button For more choices press the Yellow button. To go to full SBS On-Demand scroll down to the bottom and select the SBS On-Demand button

  3. To leave catch-up press exit

ABC iView

  1. Select channel 2

  2. Press the RED button

  3. To leave iView press exit

Note Green Freeview button does not respond unless you are on an ABC or SBS channel live TV first.
The home button
will give you more free media streaming choices.

Commercial Channel catch-up and SBS On-Demand and other streaming is available via the Android Internet TV Media box connected to HDMI 3
To access NineNOW you will need to use the Freeview App and input a capital city post Code as your location. There seems to be some regional geographic blocking of NineNOW.

DVR RECORDING and Time Shift

  1. Switch source to HDMI 2.
  2. Wake up the DVR by pressing the on button if there is no image on screen. If the time is showing on the Kogan display this indicates that it is in sleep mode. It takes up to one minute for the Kogan to wake up and display a picture. Occasionally you will need to unplug and re-plug the Kogan to wake it up.
  3. To pause live TV just press the Pause Button (II) on the Kogan remote and the screen will freeze. When you want to resume viewing press the Play Button (>). When you resume viewing you can fast forward through add breaks until you catch up with the live broadcast.
  4. To record a TV program Press EPG. (Note EPG will not display if you are currently recording). Tab down the channels for the program guide information to load.
  5. To record without padding simply press the round RED record button and select either PS or TS format.
  6. To record with padding for programs running over time press the GREEN button for timer settings and adjust the finish time
  7. To play recorded TV programmes press MEDIA , select Record tab and then select the program press play and then OK. Note Media screen will not display if you are currently recording.

These small android TV boxes do a good job for what they are. But sometimes you need to be a bit patient as they can be slow to start up and occasionally freeze and need to be re started.

  1. Switch source to HDMI 3
  2. Make sure the internet TV player box is switched on.
  3. On screen click on MY RECOMMENDED for a choice of free streaming channels. Of which SBS is generally a good choice.
  4. Annoying the majority of these apps were designed for phones not TV boxes so do not work on Icon selection with the standard remote which comes with them.
  5. The standard mouse can be switched to mouse mode by pressing the button with the mouse picture, but the most convenient way to select is with the wireless mouse supplied.
  6. Of course if you just want to view your favourite TV programs that were broadcast while staying at Kiewa View but at a more convenient time then it is most convenient to record them using the DVR.


The controls to switch between radio and CD are behind the flap at the bottom of the unit
ABC Local 106.5, EDGE 93.3, RIVER 105.7, Alpine Radio 96.5, 3NE 90.1, Star 104.9, JJJ 103.3, ABC Classical 104.1, RPH 101.7